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KNOW the Lord Jesus, GROW in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, and SHOW our devotion through worship and loving service to God and His people

Sept. 11 – Sunday School Meeting

After the service on Sunday, September 11th, there will be a mandatory meeting for Sunday school teachers. Parents are also encouraged to attend. This meeting will serve as our required child safety training for church volunteers, as we will clarify our child safety policy. We also will go over new goals we have for the year involving Scripture memory. Any teachers who cannot attend, please contact Tracy to make alternate arrangements for this training.


Acts 2:46 Picnic

The Perez family have opened their home this month as we gather from house to house throughout the Summer of 2016. This is a BYOB (Bring Your Own Beef) event, so bring your own meat along with a side dish to share. There is a pool so if the weather permits we will enjoy a refreshing swim. The picnic begins at 3:00 PM on September 3rd.

Acts 2.46

We Are Protestant

Beginning in September, our mid-week study will be titled We Are Protestant. In this study we will be highlighting the People, the Passion, and the Principles that brought about the Protestant Reformation.

Corporate Prayer

The First Monday evening of every month throughout 2016 the church will gather for a time of prayer at 7:00 PM. The elders will lead off with a brief devotional on prayer followed by a time of intercession.

Pray Together